Softaculous <![CDATA[Autoscript after OS installation]]>
What do you suggest ?
Not bad, but recipes are more "global", so they will be seen by users that have debian installed as well as users that are using centos/cloudlinux/whatever OS.

And they will be seen by users at all.

This could work if recipes get an additional option to mark them as "system", which will then not show to endusers.

Mon, 02 May 2016 06:45:21 GMT
<![CDATA[Some idea]]>
We have an option to disable Suspend VPS emails in Virtualizor.
We have noted the feature to email the user on 80% of the bandwidth  utilization.
I meant for every actions, such reinstall, suspend, bw over use...

The VPS used bandwidth is being showed on both ListVS and VPS Stats page are not able to see it ? 
Yes, but I can not sort them like before.]]>
Mon, 02 May 2016 05:14:26 GMT
<![CDATA[Some idea]]>
Firstly thank you for your valuable suggestions.

2- Add option to disable/enable emails from Virtualizor for different actions. For example I dont want to send email when their service installed or suspended, but want to send email in case they used for example 80% of their bandwidth or once their vps reinstalled successfully. This can be added to configurable options, so the admin can choose what emails to be sent for each product.
We have an option to disable Suspend VPS emails in Virtualizor.
We have noted the feature to email the user on 80% of the bandwidth  utilization.

3- In Virtualizor, in vps statistics ad another column to show the used BW, it was in Virtualizor but removed after recent updates.
The VPS used bandwidth is being showed on both ListVS and VPS Stats page are not able to see it ?

5- An option to sell backup options as addon. For example daily, weekly or twice a day per vps while the customer is ordering. Currently there time intervals are limited and you can set specific settings for specific vps (and the number of back up to be kept per each vps).
6- In a ticket I requested to integrate a firewall such as pfsense to Virtualizor, as a vps, if possible.
7- An option to monitor the IO per disk/storage and alert admins in case of any issue.
8- Auto update the VPS statistics page, specially for download/upload column.
9- Option to choose the number of concurrent backup process + starting the next backup once the other is being uploaded. The system is free once the current backup is being upload, so why not making the other backup ready to upload? In one of our server making backup of 13 vps with average size of 30 GB storage took 1200 minutes!
Mon, 02 May 2016 05:05:46 GMT
<![CDATA[Backup Improvements]]>
The backup filename format could be much better. Rather than e.g. 15.gz, let's see something such as id-hostname-time.gz, e.g. 15-server1-mydomain-com-20160329030000.gz. This will help when identifying backups for disaster recovery.
The backup folder name is the date on which the backup was created isn't  .
We use the backup file name to detect the VPS on which the backup is to be restored.

The user should be able to access backups of their VPS and restore themselves
The backup plan feature is in development to allow End users to specify the backup settings for their VPSs.The admin can enable/disable this feature.

The backup logs should appear on their own page in the admin panel, not under settings (seems a weird place to put the logs). Better yet, have a logging page in the admin panel which allows the admin to access various logs including backup ones.
"This VPS does not exist. Unable to restore to a non-existant VPS" - lets have a solution to this, rather than having to re-create a VPS with the same specs manually. A GUI which reads the .inf file from the backup and automatically creates a new guest with the same spec would be helpful (let the admin confirm and tweak settings first). In short, a way to restore a backup after the guest has been removed (seems like this would be a common use-case).
The user should see feedback when a restoration is taking place, during restoration the user should not be able to take any action on a VPS (instead a message e.g. "Restoration in progress... 55% complete). Perhaps a simple solution to this is for the VPS to be placed into "managed by admin" mode temporarily (at least this is what I would do for now when restoring, to stop a user from breaking anything).

Mon, 02 May 2016 04:58:56 GMT
<![CDATA[New Feature Requests]]>
Support for LXC together with KVM (this is the future)
We are already working on LXC and it should be available in the upcoming releases.
Do you want us to support multivirt LXC +KVM ?

Support for different storage types and the ability to add / remove them
- Directory
We already support all the above storage types, for NFS the directory should be mounted on the server.

- The ability to select which one to use or for what purpose (Vm's Iso templates, backups, customer storage, VM templates, Snapshots)
Use LVM for VM
NFS for Backups / Images / Rent to customer
You can use different storage for backups and Images.]]>
Mon, 02 May 2016 04:38:55 GMT
<![CDATA[Autoscript after OS installation]]>
It would be a great feature to have a possibility (OS dependant / seperate) to automatically run bash scripts similiar to recipes, but directly after installation of OS.
This could be used to install SSH-key of support department, set the timezone, locale and so on.
This feature should be OS dependant and should be triggerable by WHMCS module through customfields, so that this can be limited for defined products.
It can done using recipes as well. We can add an option to execute the recipe just after the VPS is created and also add a configurable option in WHMCS to choose the recipe id to be executed (it will a description as well).

What do you suggest ?]]>
Mon, 02 May 2016 04:31:03 GMT
<![CDATA[Windows 10 Write to Host file]]> C:/Ampps)
Add domain but can't write to hostfile...
Fix: Runs Ampps as Admin --> OK
(still get red warning but entries are in Host file)

After adding a domain e.g.
mydomain(dot)dev , I can access it throught AMPPS/Manage Domains, and it opens in browser with [DIR] cgi-bin/ folder...

SO, it looks like it is working...

When adding wordpress and installing to //www(dot)mydomain(dot)dev , the browser can't open the site...

However, when I install to //mydomain(dot)dev it is working...

What am I missing?

Sun, 01 May 2016 19:29:26 GMT
<![CDATA[AMPPS stopped working - help!]]>
Sun, 01 May 2016 16:42:10 GMT
<![CDATA[AMPPS not working on El Capitan Server]]> Which lead me to editing apachectl:  sudo vim /applications/ampps/apache/bin/apachectl

Changed two lines.
1.  HTTPD='/applications/ampps/apache/bin/apachectl'

Not sure if ULIMIT was necessary or not, but was showing up as an error.

Then reboot the system or stop and start the server (command line, sudo).

Worked for me.  Not sure why it stopped with this Mac update.]]>
Sun, 01 May 2016 16:38:54 GMT
<![CDATA[Can't add FTP Accounts (AMPPS 2.1 on Mac)]]>
I am sorry to bump this old thread, but it seems that adding FTP users via the web interface is still not possible on a Mac. I am on the latest AMPPS (v3.4, although in the interface it is listed as AMPPS 4.6.7) on OS X El Capitan.

I have resorted to adding FTP users using you Terminal snippet. However, when I run

/Applications/AMPPS/Pure-FTPd/bin/pure-pw useradd test_user -u test_user -d test_user
and I input a password, I get the following error:

No useable password hashing function found
Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your attention!
Sun, 01 May 2016 12:53:22 GMT