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Thank you .]]>
Sat, 24 Jan 2015 21:24:51 GMT
<![CDATA[Backup with Exclusions]]> Sat, 24 Jan 2015 18:47:43 GMT <![CDATA[error fresh install]]>
Quote From : valley Today at 11:05 am
Do you still face the issue ?
solved, downgrade centos 6]]>
Sat, 24 Jan 2015 17:52:56 GMT
<![CDATA[Required PHP version]]> hello !

im trying to install the script through my admin panel  Host But it's giving me this error and im sure that i have Required PHP version  5.4.0

what's to do please ?
Sat, 24 Jan 2015 16:40:12 GMT
<![CDATA[[ASK] Install FFMPEG-PHP in Webuzo Free Version]]>
but I want to run a video player and in some cases need FFMPEG-PHP.

1. How do I install FFMPEG-PHP on Webuzo free version?

2. I use CentOS 7, whether Webuzo and FFMPEG-PHP will run perfectly on CentOS 7?

Thank you if you are willing to answer, I really need your help.]]>
Sat, 24 Jan 2015 13:31:56 GMT
<![CDATA[error fresh install]]> Sat, 24 Jan 2015 11:05:46 GMT <![CDATA[error fresh install]]> Sat, 24 Jan 2015 00:40:47 GMT <![CDATA[error fresh install]]> Fri, 23 Jan 2015 18:19:17 GMT <![CDATA[error fresh install]]> jst see the pic]]> Fri, 23 Jan 2015 18:12:03 GMT <![CDATA[Ampps cannot be opened because of a problem]]>
Hope v2.8 will be fixed soon.]]>
Fri, 23 Jan 2015 16:29:10 GMT