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htpasswd -b -s /etc/vmail/ myusername mypassword
Sun, 25 Jan 2015 06:22:01 GMT
<![CDATA[Adding email account via Terminal]]> I've recently tried to add email account via the terminal. But the problem when i adding email account in /etc/vmail/ with this command:
htpasswd -b -s /etc/vmail/ myusername mypassword
It was success but when i look at the /etc/vmail/ with nano command and look at the line contain myusername:{SHA} it return me:

I see the SHA Encrypted password is different with other email account created using webuzo control panel..

I want to ask about,
1. Does Webuzo use htpasswd to create email account in passwd file?
2. Does Webuzo use SHA to encrypt password?
3. Does Webuzo use salt when adding email account to passwd file? If yes, please mention me the salt.

Thanks :).

Widigdo Dimas Pratama.]]>
Sun, 25 Jan 2015 06:20:09 GMT
<![CDATA[About script]]>
Thank you .]]>
Sat, 24 Jan 2015 21:24:51 GMT
<![CDATA[Backup with Exclusions]]> Sat, 24 Jan 2015 18:47:43 GMT <![CDATA[error fresh install]]>
Quote From : valley January 24, 2015, 11:05 am
Do you still face the issue ?
solved, downgrade centos 6]]>
Sat, 24 Jan 2015 17:52:56 GMT
<![CDATA[Required PHP version]]> hello !

im trying to install the script through my admin panel  Host But it's giving me this error and im sure that i have Required PHP version  5.4.0

what's to do please ?
Sat, 24 Jan 2015 16:40:12 GMT
<![CDATA[[ASK] Install FFMPEG-PHP in Webuzo Free Version]]>
but I want to run a video player and in some cases need FFMPEG-PHP.

1. How do I install FFMPEG-PHP on Webuzo free version?

2. I use CentOS 7, whether Webuzo and FFMPEG-PHP will run perfectly on CentOS 7?

Thank you if you are willing to answer, I really need your help.]]>
Sat, 24 Jan 2015 13:31:56 GMT
<![CDATA[error fresh install]]> Sat, 24 Jan 2015 11:05:46 GMT <![CDATA[error fresh install]]> Sat, 24 Jan 2015 00:40:47 GMT <![CDATA[error fresh install]]> Fri, 23 Jan 2015 18:19:17 GMT