All scripts updated! <![CDATA[]]>
We have completed updating 100 scripts to use the latest MySQL Function introduced in Softaculous 1.8 .
It means errors of not importing tables on servers having shell_exec() function disabled in PHP willl work properly.
This has already made Softaculous much more compatible on various servers.
Especially complaints on Direct Admin servers have been addressed!

We have introduced the Admin URL feature for the end users.
As we updated the Packages we also updated Scripts to thier lates versions. It means Softaculous is installing the latest of all 100 scripts. (we had to update Joomla and Geeklog twice!) We will keep this work going on and now keep all packages up - to - date.

The scripts will be updated via CRON Jobs on your servers.
We are now working on 1.9 which will involve developing the importer for Scripts (partially completed) so that Softaculous will be able to import any of the 100 scripts which it installs.

Hope you enjoy the newly updated packages and Softaculous 1.8 and you will definitely enjoy 1.9 when its out!

The Softaculous Team]]>
Sun, 02 Aug 2009 18:16:23 GMT