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 Wave Maker: Any Experiences! (1 Replies, Read 3192 times)
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Question: Did anybody has any experiences with Wave Maker running together with AMPPS?

Wave Maker could use various Databases include MySQL and others. While installing, Wave Maker will be integrated into the running web browser('s) and while start Wave Maker, it will directly start in the default web browser.

Now, did anybody know about any conflict if AMPPS is running with it's services on the same system?

Currently I run now 2 OS's on my dev computer: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and Windows 8 Release Preview 64bit, each on it's own HDD selected while booting with the BIOS Boot Manager.
I was need to install Windows 7 32bit again because of Wave Maker which is a true 32bit Apps and I had problems with it on Windows 8 64bit. The bad effect on Windows 8 64bit were, that the apps was slow down while working with it which it doesn't in Windows 7 32bit. Even I've 16GB Memory on the computer, as longer work wit Wave Maker as more the speed drops up to 30+sec for an action to take place.
On Windows 7 32 bit it differs. I use an Ram extender with patched Kernel for the the full 16GB memory working for Windows 7 32bit and that works very well. There not any delay in action taking place while working with Wave Maker. Even if I run without the Ram extender and Windows 7 32bit uses only 3.25GB of the memory, Wave Maker works without problems.

Now i'm on the way to reinstall all the 32bit dev apps to Windows 7 32bit and like to do that with AMPPS as well. That's why I ask you guy's about waht you know and if there any problems or complications to work that 2 apps together at the same time: AMPPS and Wave Maker?

Thanks for any information you could give me.
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 Quax   Wave Maker: Any Experiences! (1 Replies, Read 3192 times)
    |--  tidus   Hi, They both...   on June 14, 2012, 6:36 am

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