Softaculous 4.3.0 Released

The Softaculous Team announces the launch of version v4.3.0. This version of Softaculous adds some features and fixes few bugs. Full Story


The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.3.0

This version adds few features and fixes some bugs.

A complete list of changes:

1) Changelog : Users can now view the Changelog of scripts from the Overview page.

2) The CageFS PHP version detection is now handled by default if CageFS is installed on the server.

3) Added an option in Softaculous Admin panel to define endusers’ PHP binary for H-Sphere panel.

4) Bug Fix : Removing multiple JavaScript installations failed. This is now fixed.

5) Bug Fix : Backup of installation with more than 1GB data failed. This is now fixed.

6) Bug Fix : Notice section in cPanel was not enabled if Top Scripts section was disabled. This is now fixed and both these options are now independent.

7) Bug Fix : In case of failure during restore of a backup, softsql.sql file was not deleted. This is now fixed and the softsql.sql file is deleted on success as well as on failure of restore.

8) Bug Fix : The backup function did not work if there was a trailing slash in the path of an installation on the root of domain. This is now handled properly.

The Softaculous Team