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 owncloud / nextcloud / ... questions (0 Replies, Read 1171 times)
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I would like a decent remote cloud storage / sync / backup service, that supports at least a couple of TB of data, unlimited transfers (mostly in case of restoring backup), doesn't delete files unless specifically instructed to and is guaranteed to not lose data. It should at least support encrypted transfers and preferably client side encryption so that the files are impossible to decrypt on the server. It'd be great if it also hid the filenames so it would be impossible to see what files are hosted. Also it needs to be cheap < 100$ per year. I'd like to be able to set certain folders to sync and certain to be mapped as a network drive or at least downloadable over ftp / ...

So, not asking for much right?

I've been reading up on owncloud. It sounds nice but I'm nervous about it being a syncing service. I should be able to set it up to not delete files from the recycle bin on the server, so that's good. Then I figured combining that with a cronjob to periodically dump the database, and back up the config / data (say yearly full backups, and weekly diff backups).

It's not the ideal solution, but maybe it's ok.
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