Softaculous <![CDATA[Gtag code for google analytics]]> I have downloaded files of the webpage and search for gtag and it doesnt find any. It looks like this: 
Dashboard -> Settings -> Website UI -> Header and Footer -> Header Code and click on the save changes button to save the script.

doesnt add it?
Can you suggest in which page should i add it? It should be after <head>.
Thank you!
Fri, 24 Mar 2023 13:42:35 GMT
<![CDATA[Text Not Displaying on Mac OS in Dark Mode]]> Thu, 23 Mar 2023 03:26:57 GMT <![CDATA[SitePad 1.8.1 Launched in Stable branch]]>
We have launched SitePad 1.8.1 in the Stable branch.

1) [Added] Rest API is disabled by default, added option to enable Rest API in general settings.
2) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, the video URLs were not created correctly. This is fixed.
3) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, google fonts were not loaded properly. This is fixed.
4) [Bug-Fix] Image cropping was not working properly in PHP 8 and above. This is fixed.
5) [Bug-Fix] In some cases the old editor was unable to access due to some PHP warnings. This is fixed.
6) [Bug-Fix] In PHP 8 and above, the mail attachment was not working properly with Sitepad. This is fixed.

In the next version, we will try to enable caching for improving the website speed and also backup options. Many more features are also in the making for E-Commerce and blogging options.

The SitePad Team]]>
Wed, 22 Mar 2023 12:14:23 GMT
<![CDATA[Dedicated server freezing intermittently]]>
We verified here that ours was at 25GB, which was very little... The problem may be related to this. We increased it to 150GB and continued monitoring. The problem hasn't reoccurred since then, but anyway the problem occurs every few weeks, so we won't know if it's resolved in a few weeks.]]>
Tue, 21 Mar 2023 17:26:12 GMT
<![CDATA[Dedicated server freezing intermittently]]> 1x EPYC 7571 32c/64

it hangs after my client purchase 5 vps at a time]]>
Tue, 21 Mar 2023 17:17:11 GMT
<![CDATA[Trouble with Wordpress and custom plugins/theme set]]> Tue, 21 Mar 2023 03:40:59 GMT <![CDATA[Can't create HA cluster]]>
Quote From : Kiortas February 3, 2023, 1:39 am
I had the same problem

me too]]>
Mon, 20 Mar 2023 21:26:25 GMT
<![CDATA[SpeedyCache 1.0.2 Launched: Critical CSS, Purge Varnish]]>
The changes made are as follows:-
[Feature] Purging Varnish cache when cache from SpeedyCache is purged.

[Feature][Pro] Display swap for Google fonts to keep fonts visible on a load of Google fonts.

[Feature][Pro] Critical CSS: Now SpeedyCache can extract critical CSS from your page to remove Render Blocking CSS to improve page speed.

[Tweak] The Cache folder structure has been updated, to follow common practice.

[Bug-Fix] Cloudflare prompt use to pop up continuously if the user's website was being proxied through Cloudflare which has been fixed by converting that popup to an alert.

[Bug-Fix] PHP 8.2 warnings and deprecations have been fixed.

[Bug-Fix] There was an issue while clearing Cache if you disabled the cache in a metabox.

[Bug-Fix][Pro] There was an issue with LazyLoading Iframes that has been fixed.

[Bug-Fix][Pro] There was an issue with Delete Cache logs that has been fixed.

[Bug-Fix][Pro] There was an issue with the linking License that has been fixed.

The SpeedyCache team is working constantly to improve our product and if you have any feedback or suggestion you can write to us at

You can read more about the features of this release at SpeedyCache Blog

SpeedyCache Team]]>
Mon, 20 Mar 2023 15:22:06 GMT
<![CDATA[fresh install in Ubuntu 22.04, not able to login]]>
i ended up recreating the server and perform the installation with root access from the beginning and it sorted my issue.

Thanks again for your responses.]]>
Mon, 20 Mar 2023 13:55:59 GMT
<![CDATA[fresh install in Ubuntu 22.04, not able to login]]>

You can find from here >>

Please let us know.]]>
Mon, 20 Mar 2023 13:50:57 GMT