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 Moving to Premium license -- Current users? (1 Replies, Read 573 times)
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We moved several servers to Premium SitePad licence and now face the following issue: Users which used SitePad Option through Softaculous can't see their website in the new SitePad premium. Any ideas on what has happened and how to solve it?

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Moving to Premium license -- Current users?
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You will need to move all the user's sitepad.php file found at /home/{username}/.softaculous to a new folder named .sitepad which should be at /home/{username}/.sitepad and rename the moved file to user.php.

This will allow them to use SitePad Premium but you will need to provide us with the link of all the user's apikey and apipass found in the sitepad.php file so that we can convert them to the premium users.

Do let us know if you need any other information.

Aakash Gupta
SitePad Developer

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