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 Softaculous 5.9.2 Launched (0 Replies, Read 12216 times)
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Softaculous Team has launched 5.9.2 in the Stable branch.

Following is the list of changes :

1) [Feature] : Added Security Features in WordPress Manager which will help users secure their WordPress sites easily. Refer to the guide here.

2) [Bug Fix] : Backup to Microsoft OneDrive failed on some very huge installations. This is fixed now.

3) [Bug Fix] : In Plesk, while installing a script the requirements check failed in some rare cases. This is fixed now.

4) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, Triggers or Views not related to the installation being were imported causing failure during Clone and Staging. This is fixed now.

5) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, while Cloning and Staging if the new database details entered by the user already had the same tables as in source database it will now show the appropriate error. This is fixed now.

The Softaculous Team
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 softacmani   Softaculous 5.9.2 Launched (0 Replies, Read 12216 times)

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