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 Softaculous 4.7.9 Released (0 Replies, Read 13768 times)
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The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.7.9

1) Admin password and Database password will no longer be sent via email for any new installation, upgrade, clone, etc.  You can change the setting from Softaculous Admin panel or Enduser panel to receive plain text passwords in emails.

2) Users can now directly login (from Softaculous Enduser panel) to their installation's Admin Panel without the need for login details, by clicking on the Admin Link. Click here for guide. Admin users can disable this feature from Softaculous Admin panel. Click here for guide. At the moment this feature is available only for WordPress and we'll be adding the same for rest of the scripts soon.

3) Filters have now been added wherein Admin can execute their custom code using the respective filter function in order to modify certain aspects of the task being done. Earlier Hooks were used for this purpose and have now been replaced with Filters. Existing hooks will continue to work, but we recommend using Filters for new tasks. Click here for the guide.

4) In Softaculous Remote when using an existing database for an installation, users can now choose the list of additional tables to be associated with the installation for the purpose of backups and restore. Click here for guide.

5) Softaculous Logs file (softaculous.log) can now be viewed from Softaculous Admin Panel -> Error Logs page in Softaculous Remote and Enterprise. Note : The Log Level needs to be set from Softaculous Admin panel -> Settings page.

6) German language translation has been updated.

7) Added Plans (ACL) option for Softaculous Enterprise.

8) Added provision for custom.css to customize Softaculous Enduser panel UI by adding additional style elements. Click here for guide.

9) Added Setting in Softaculous Admin panel -> Settings "Logo URL For Scripts Demo" to use custom logo on Script's demo page header.

10) In Softaculous Remote and Enterprise, admin can now customize NGINX error pages (404, 50x, 497).

11) When using SMTP to send emails via Softaculous the password for SMTP user can be stored in encrypted format while saving the settings in Softaculous Admin panel -> Email

12) Added CLI Utility in Softaculous Remote and Enterprise to encrypt API Passwords for the existing users. Click here for guide.

13) Added CLI Utility in Softaculous Remote and Enterprise to reset API Passwords. Click here for guide.

14) Added CLI Utility to enable/disable scripts using CLI. Click here for guide.

15) In Softaculous Remote and Enterprise, added a setting in the admin panel to sync domains i.e. the domains list passed in $PRE_LOGIN via session.php will be used as the final domains list for the user. Click here for guide.

16) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, requirements check during upgrade process failed for some installations due to the presence of .htaccess in the installation path restricting access to any files directly. This has been fixed now.

17) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote and Enterprise, Admin Index and Statistics pages failed to load when there were several thousands of installations. This has now been fixed.

18) [Bug Fix] : While cloning or backing up an installation, database Triggers, Events, Procedures and Functions were not included. This has been fixed now.

19) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, if the server's PHP max_execution_time was less than 30 seconds, packages were expected to split in multiple .zip files and then unzipped in parts which did not work hence causing the installer to unzip the complete package at once. This has been fixed and the packages will be unzipped in parts when needed.

20) [Bug Fix] : In Remote Import, database name was expected even if the script did not require a database. This is fixed.

21) [Bug Fix] : A JavaScript error occurred when the PopularFX theme search returned no results for search criteria. This has been fixed.

The Softaculous Team

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