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 Customizing Wordpress install (Plugins/Themes) using Softaculous? (1 Replies, Read 10337 times)
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Hi all, new here!

My main question is regarding an issue I'm working through with Softaculous on CPanel. I set up a lot of sites for folks through WHMCS along with a theme and plugins as a package. Normally I would use Softaculous to install Wordpress, then on WP backend install and configure themes and plugins. From Softaculous documentation I believe it should be possible to set up a script to include both a custom WP theme and plugins.

Call me lazy, but if I'm doing the same setup for every website I work on that's a lot of work I'd love to make automated if I can. I'm new to Softaculous as well and still learning the ropes. Am I looking in the right places?

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 vijay19   Customizing Wordpress install (Plugins/Themes) using Softaculous? (1 Replies, Read 10337 times)
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