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The Webuzo Team is pleased to announce the release of Webuzo 1.4

This version of Webuzo has many cool new features and fixed some bugs. This version has many User Interface Improvements, Enabled UserDir, Restart Services, Remote Database Support , Apache Server Status/Info and  Subdomain Wildcards.

A Free Version of Webuzo is now available to help fellow users have a better experience. A Free License is available by default to every installation of Webuzo. You can view the benefits of Webuzo Free Version here:

Here is a complete list of changes :

1) New Login Interface.

Board Image

2) The Javascript has been improved and now Webuzo loads faster.

3) AJAXified the list software page which shows the scripts in a category.

4) Interface improvements - you can now view Top Scripts in a more interesting way.

Board Image

5) Added sprites for script icons for faster loading (e.g for pages like list software, ratings, demos).

6) Added JSON and XML output support.

7) Added script icons in list installation page.

8 ) Now packages will be downloaded first and on success old packages will be deleted. This should resolve the "INFO.xml not found" error.

9) AJAXified the process of deleting entries in DNS Zone Settings, MX Entry and Manage FTP menus.

10) Manage databases more effeciently :
Database pages changed and made more user friendly. Also, view database size.

Board Image

11) Remote Database Support - You can create a database as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying .It also provides remote access to the database.

12) Restart Services - You can restart all the service as per your requirement. Services include Apache(httpd), Named, FTP and Mysql.

13) Apache Server Status/Info - You can have a detailed description the Apache server Status and Info.

14) Sub-Domains Wildcards - You can redirect all Sub Domains to the Primary Domain.

15) UserDir Enabled - UserDir (Apache mod_userdir) is now enabled which allows user to access the server files/directories as www.yourdomain.com/~soft

16) Error Logs - View detailed error logs for your site. This helps to keep track of broken links and missing files.

17) phpMyAdmin  updated to the latest version.

18) Better Search Interface in the Softaculous Enduser Panel.

19) Bug Fix : Fixed the bug that did not allow databases privileges to be saved for databases with the same database name and database user.

20) Bug Fix : Support page for JavaScripts now opens in new tab.

21) Bug Fix : Fixed the bug that caused the Script's Backup failure on few servers.

22) Bug Fix : The install button in Softaculous overview used to load slowly when clicked. This is now fixed. 

23) Bug Fix : Version compare bug fix for "+" symbol in any version of script.

24) Bug Fix : Fixed the UI bug of list installations page when no installation is there.

25) Bug Fix : Fixed the bug which did not allow users with the same username to be created for database once they are deleted.

Softaculous Scripts Library has now reached the milestone of 250+ Scripts !!!

The Webuzo Team

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