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 backup kills host OS, Incorrect settings in Backup overwrites main OS (2 Replies, Read 10761 times)
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Virtualizor running on new clean machine.
Create first VPS. All OK.
Set backup server as type FTP.
Create new VPS backup using backup type FTP.
Leave directory blank.
Error comes up so decide to enter / in Directory but virtualizor switches back to "Local" type.
Save and run immediate without noticing.
Main machine now does not have root access.
Have to drive to data centre to sort out as no remote access on main server anymore :(

The VPS Backups screen should not
1  Switch back to Local after error entering details for FTP
2  Should not allow / as directory when in Local Backup type.

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backup kills host OS
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Has this been solved???
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backup kills host OS
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Don´t know. but even if you set / as a dir on local backup plan...  it only creates a new folder (for ex. "20180103") and put the backup files in it. It does not overwrite anything and you can still manually delete this backup dir (even on SSH, at least from local console) on the host.

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