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 Use IP address rather than or localhost, Setup AMPPS with IP (9 Replies, Read 26746 times)
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I just installed AMPPS to act as an in home web server to run some development work stations and serve some home made PHP apps. I love it! Was so simple to install and it allowed me to easily checkout some new scripts. BUT.....

The computer I run AMPPS on is in my little server closet and I and my buddy do all the dev work on workstations, located in various rooms away from the server. My question is how can I set up or install AMPPS to be bound to the server IP instead of or the local host? I tried editing the APACHE config to direct all port 80 traffic to the static IP but that screws up any use of the AMPPS control panel as it seems to want to use LOCALHOST or

Am I making sense for what I want to do? I want it to act like a real LAN server using it's static IP instead of localhost.

Have a great day
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