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 AMPPS for Linux now ! (3 Replies, Read 22115 times)
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The Softaculous AMPPS Team has released AMPPS 2.3 for Linux.
This version of AMPPS adds the latest versions of PHP, MySQL,
phpMyAdmin, etc.

AMPPS is a free WAMP (Windows), LAMP (Linux) and MAMP (Macintosh) stack of
Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl & Python for desktops. AMPPS enables you to
focus more on using applications rather than maintaining them as it has the Softaculous Auto Installer with 300+ scripts.
AMPPS is suited for PHP and MySQL developers who develop PHP applications on their desktops.

The current version of AMPPS for Linux include :
  • Softaculous 4.4.4
  • Apache 2.4.7
  • PHP 5.5.10, PHP 5.4.26 and 5.3.28
  • PERL 5.18.1
  • Python 2.7.6 with mod_wsgi 3.4 module
  • MySQL 5.6.16
  • phpMyAdmin 4.1.9
  • SQLite Manager 1.2.4
  • MongoDB 2.4.9
  • RockMongo 1.1.5
  • Pure-FTPd Server 1.0.36

Ampps Linux will work with most of the desktop / GUI distros of linux like Fedora, CentOS, Redhat, Ubuntu, etc.
You can download AMPPS for Linux, Windows or Mac from the AMPPS download center :

We hope you enjoy the feature(s), we will be adding many more features in the upcoming versions.

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The Softaculous AMPPS Team

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Follow AMPPS on,
Twitter : https://twitter.com/AMPPS_Stack
Facebook :  http://www.facebook.com/softaculousampps
Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+AmppsStack
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AMPPS for Linux now !
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Finally!  :nerd:
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AMPPS for Linux now !
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How I can add files to www-folder, when I can not make shortcut to desktop in linux?
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AMPPS for Linux now !
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Open support ticket here.
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