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 decimals for resource pricing (1 Replies, Read 2033 times)
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In the documentation there is an example that shows the use of more decimals, but in the interface only step=0.01 is allowed.

I managed to get around by modifying the html and placing 6 decimals.

Ideally, at least 6 decimals should be used for the hourly price.
A VPS for example $5 per month is $0.006944 per hour.

The same problem is when to define the price per resource.
The price of RAM, CPU etc ...

See the attachments;

I modified this validation in the html and managed to update the information to 6 decimals, but I'm not sure if it will correctly calculate the hourly price or if it will round to 0.01
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 fhcardoso   decimals for resource pricing (1 Replies, Read 2033 times)
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