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 Network issues after reboot (2 Replies, Read 483 times)
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- I have 1 master running Virtualizor along with VMs hosted on the same machine.
- I have a /29 IP block the master/panel is on, also a /26 for additional IPs

Everything was up and running prior to failure of the network card. We replaced the network card and on reboot the server came back online with the main IP only pinging, no other IP address is available.
Also, when I SSH to the next IP after the panel (which is assigned to a VM), it ssh's to the main root and not the VM itself. The entire /29 IP block does this, and the /26 IP range is completely unavailable.

I have had this issue in the past with SolusVM (using OpenVZ) before switching and am not sure what could be the cause of the problem, any ideas?

The main device enp94s0f1 is connected, also this is setup properly in Config->Slaves->Network as it should (was the same before the issue), and the bridge is also connected.

Any thoughts on what to check?
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Network issues after reboot
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Sounds like a libvirtd issue.
try the following:
1. create a file with the following content:
/sbin/iptables -A FORWARD -m physdev --physdev-is-bridged -j ACCEPT
service libvirtd restart

2. make it executable with chmod +x
3. run the file after reboot or firewall restart.

We are using the same solution, just with csf firewall. So you can also use the code in a csfpost.sh file, which runs after starting/restarting csf.

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Network issues after reboot
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The firewall rule does not seems to be a solution in this case.
I think the entire range must be added on server's NIC instead of a single ip.
If the issue is ongoing then please open a ticket with access details so that we can check if there is anything in which Virtualizor can do to help you out.

Virtualizor Team.
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