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 mac menu bar icon (black-white, yosemite dark theme) (1 Replies, Read 9611 times)
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hi, i'm just asking if it would be possible to create a greyscale/black and white menu bar icon, instead of the colored icon?

i'm not sure if you are aware, but basically every program that goes in the menubar is in black and white, and if they do have color, then in my experience you are able to select to change it to black and white (skype and dropbox do this i think)

so, if a black and white icon was made it would fit a lot better in with the menubar :)
i'm sure this feature won't be very difficult, simply making the icon black instead of colored - but i can do it if you guys are too busy etc.

also, yosemite has a dark theme now, so when this is enabled, the apple made menu bar stuff, like the clock, wifi icon... etc will go from black to white, but of course, 3rd party apps have to support this.
so if a white icon could also be made for when it switches the dark theme, this would be great.
as i said before, i would make the icon if you guys don't think it is important enough to spend your time on it, but i don't know how to implement it properly, as in letting you switch from the colored icon to black, and making the white icon show when the mac is  using the dark theme.

i appreciate all the time and effort put into AMPPS :) thanks
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mac menu bar icon (black-white, yosemite dark theme)
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Thank you for pointing this out. We will work on the same.

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