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 Softaculous menu link problem in ISPC & Can't install WebApp in Subdomain (0 Replies, Read 454 times)
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I use paid license of softaculous, and I have two problems in running it in ISPConfig.
1). I change the port of ISPC from 8080 to 2083, and ISPC Panel as well as other websites are running well. The problem is the menu link of Softaculous in the bottom left of ISPC under Auto Installer category is still directing to port 8080, so it creates error when I click Softaculous. How to change the Softaculous link to port 2083?

2). I have successfully created subdomains in ISPC by two ways: "Subdomain  for website" (let's say subdomain1.domain.com) and "Add new website" (subdomain2.domain.com). Thus I have three websites and all of them are running well in domain.com, subdomain1.domain.com, and subdomain2.domain.com.The problem is when I install webapp like Wordpress, Joomla, etc, I can only install them in domain.com. I cannot install such webapps in subdomain1.domain.com and subdomain2.domain.com because in Softaculous' "Choose Installation URL" such subdomains do not appear in drop down menu. How to solve this problem?

Kind helps are greatly appreciated.
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