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 nuCDP Backups 0.9.1 Launched (0 Replies, Read 10028 times)
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We have launched nuCDP 0.9.1 and are now moving ahead fast to reach a stable version.
If you are interested to Beta Test nuCDP, you can start by installing nuCDP :

You will need to have a seperate server to do the backups.
The server which will be storing the backups is called the nuCDP Server and the server which is being backed up is called the nuCDP Client / Device.

At the moment only Linux OS are supported and the Windows version should be making a debut by 0.9.4 or 0.9.5 (estimated).

Major changes since 0.9.1 :
- You can add partitions from the nuCDP server itself.
- Auto update the Server Binary
- Auto update the Client Binary
- Client Side Compression is now implemented
- nuCDP Server Reports now shows the "Backup Status %" in the "Active Tasks"
- You can start Backups / Checksums from the nuCDP Server now.
- You can Delete scheduled Tasks
- Debug / Logs into a particular folder (Default : /var/log/nucdp/)
- Changed the current scheduling scheme (crontab-like) to a more user friendly one, where you can specify daily/monthly/hourly backups while creating Plans.
- Bare Metal Restore has been implemented
- nuCDP LiveCD for performing a Bare Metal Restore is now available : http://nucdp.com/downloads
- MySQL Restore has been implemented in the nuCDP Plugin for Control Panels. It supports only MyISAM Tables at the moment. InnoDB will be coming soon.
- 100s of little fixes here and there which improve performance or increase stability.

NOTE : nuCDP Server and Client are in the Beta Stage and should not be used on a production server. We have made various tests on different kernels of CentOS 5, 6, CloudLinux 5 and 6, Redhat 5 and 6. Though we have found no issues, we still recommend that the software is not stable and it may fail to backup due to unknown bugs. We should be entering the stable stage soon though.

The nuCDP Team

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