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 How many ip vps licenses? (1 Replies, Read 348 times)
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Can not add new IP.

vps 1 ip 17x.9x.50.199
vps 2 ip 17x.9x.50.200

maximum of 8 IP ?

The first IP you enter will be the primary IP Address of the License. You can enter upto a maximum of 8 IP Address of the SAME VPS per license. To remove an IP just clear it from this List.   
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How many ip vps licenses?
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In order for a license to work you just need to assign the Public IP of the VPS/Dedicated Server to the license and it should work. You do not need to add all the IPs assigned to that VPS, just the public IP is needed.

If these IPS are assigned to separate VPS you will need to get a separate license for each VPS.

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