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 How to contact Pinguzo (8 Replies, Read 14339 times)
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In another thread it was said to contact Pinguzo at an email in which I sent a few emails over the last couple of month and haven't had a response  to any of them.

This is a really good offering, but no way to offer feedback or report issues, not even its own forum.

Some issues you need to address

1. No way to remove servers once they are added

2. Over the last month the servers show as they are down more than they are up which is incorrect.
Once Pinguzo has a server listed as down it won't allow you to enter the stats part of that server.
3. If you need to reinstall it there is no way to do so, the install code is randomly generated and no way to regenerate it

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 thaipro   How to contact Pinguzo (8 Replies, Read 14339 times)
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