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As per my knowlegede, To add your own control panel templates is not possible.


It is possible to add your Custom OS template in Virtualizor.

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<![CDATA[Os templates and control panels]]> https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=6024&tpg=1#p23243 NOT added. It is not secure. The Development team has redeveloped a new panel based on it called Sentora (sentora.org). Maybe consider that, but I would perfer you waited for an independent evaluation from a group like Rack911.

+1 for VestaCP.

If you're looking for a couple others to consider:
Ajenti and OpenPanel are good to.

Also if you're changing the Panels, please consider bring back DirectAdmin.
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It would be very easy for people to install complex servers with just one click of a button.

We the control panel i would like to see added are


They are both very good and fast. This would make the list complete.

I have just tried to add powerdns to virtu but it can't connect. I for got the command to let a remote server get access to powerdns server and access the mysql database. Thing is build on debian. Not a debian person. So i am not sure if all the commands i know are working. However i think it is iptables blocking the incoming ip of virtu server.

Thanks. ]]>
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>> Is it possible to create your OS templates.
Yes, you can create your own custom templates and use it to create new VMs. Follow this guide to create OS templates : http://www.virtualizor.com/wiki/Create_OS_Template

>> And also it is possible to add your own control panel templates
Currently this feature is not available. Let us know which control panel you want to add it in Virtualizor, We will add it.

>>It would be great if it has chef/puppet kind of abilities.
We are not sure about this, can you provide us more information?

>> I am very new to this control panel
Thank you for choosing Virtualizor. We will be happy to help you if you face any difficulties using it.

Virtualizor team.]]>
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