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 Answering times of your support is really a joke!!! (1 Replies, Read 260 times)
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If Virtualizor is running, then it's running. But if you need a quick help because your server is down, then forget it.

You will get answer maybe after 36 hours what happened to us.

AND SUCH THINGS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Why??? Because we are running with your software PRODUCTION VPSs!!!

So after a few month we will switch back to SolusVM, because that's really a s***!!!
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Answering times of your support is really a joke!!!
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You are totally right. I have advised them many times to smarten up with their support times. When we do get support and they know the issue they are very good but forget it if they run into an issue that they do not know how to resolve it. We are still waiting for an issue to be resolved.

In addition I do not believe their support is 24/7 which one would expect for such customers like yourself and us that have production virtual machines we expect 24/7 support. As such we have engaged a third party support company and pay then a monthly fee as relying in Softaculous support is no way to run a business. They have a wonderful product but are let down with their support which is a very easy fix if they just listen to their customers.
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