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 Get PHP site run on localhost, Can´t get run an existing App (1 Replies, Read 8345 times)
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Hi, I installed Ampps for development my applications in localhost. I have an application that use Code Ignitier Framework but I can't get this worked for testing it.
Of course it is not my unique application, I have more than one in development phase and I would have to get all these working into AMPPS.
I do this steps:
1) Move the entire folder into www.
At this point with my current .htaccess I can see the index page but can't navigate to other because the url don't work,For example if current version of my app has an url like my-site/controller/action  it doesnt work, i need to put index.php before the controller.
2) I saw the option to install the CI framework from AMPPS framework section, I installed it and it looks that works, but It doesnt has htaccess file, For this I decided remove this file from my app and I get an 403 error page :S
3) At this moment I search in wiki, forum and google XD and found that I must add a new domain, well I put this domain and point to my folder: www/mysite/webapp, it looks great and shows the index page but if I click on a link I get an Internal Server Error :S

My question is How do I set up a new application and its folder into AMPPS to get it run in url like: localhost/mysite ??(I tried to do this with Alias Manager)

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Get PHP site run on localhost
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Instead of moving entire folder into www, try moving it into www/mysite folder and then access localhost/mysite.

Note: mysite folder should be the same name you used while accessing an application.

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