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 Softaculous 4.9.0 Released (0 Replies, Read 9209 times)
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The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.9.0

1) [Feature] : Added option to upgrade installation's active themes and plugins by just one click from Edit Installation page in Softaculous Enduser panel using the "Upgrade Plugins Now" and "Upgrade Theme Now" buttons. Guide.

2) [Feature] : Added option to set custom cron time for the automated backups to allow users to set the automated backup to be executed at their desired time. The auto backup settings are accessible on the Install form and Edit installation page. Guide.

3) [Feature] : Added CLI utility to import Softaculous settings. The Settings file can be exported from Softaculous Admin Panel -> Settings -> Import/Export page. Guide.

4) [Feature] : Added CLI utility to list the installations. The installations can be sorted script wise or user wise. Guide.

5) [Task] : The backups created by Softaculous before auto upgrading the installations were not deleted causing several backups. The backups created by the previous auto upgrade utility will now be deleted when the auto upgrade is successful. Eg: Backup created when upgrading WordPress to 4.7.4 will be deleted when the installation is successfully upgraded to WordPress 4.7.5
Note : The backup will be deleted only if the upgrade was successful and only the backups created by auto upgrade utility will be deleted.

6) [Task] : Added filter "upgrade_softaculous_to_version" where you can define a specific version to upgrade to that version Softaculous. Guide.

7) [Task] : On cPanel servers using EasyApache4 MultiPHP Manager, .htaccess file is created in the root of each domain/subdomain by cPanel to handle the PHP version selected. If the .htaccess file contains only the content for EasyApache4 PHP version then Softaculous will not prompt the user with an error that the .htaccess file already exists while installing the script in the documentroot of the domain, the file will be overwritten and the EasyApache4 content will be added back.

8) [Bug Fix] : Softaculous was unable to detect the PHP version when installing a script on USER MOD domain on cPanel servers using EasyApache4 MultiPHP Manager. This is now fixed.

9) [Bug Fix] : On cPanel servers when EasyApache4 MultiPHP Manager and CloudLinux CageFS both are enabled for a user, Softaculous was detecting the PHP version incorrectly. This is now fixed.

10) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, the scripts not requiring a database were triggering error and could not be installed due to a change in Softaculous 4.8.9. Also a similar error occurred on the Edit Installation page for scripts not requiring database. This is fixed now.

11) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, Auto upgrade for WordPress Plugins and Themes was not working. This is fixed now.

12) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, the "Backup Directory" field was required on Edit domain and Add domain page even when the backups and restore was disabled from Softaculous Admin panel. This field will not be displayed now when the backups and restore is disabled.

13) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous 4.8.9 the clone process was pushed in background, the API call for the same returned as task completed even when the Clone was still running in background. We have made the changes in the API to return the task key in the "done" key in the API call response. This task key can be used to get the current progress of the task by making an API call to the task list page. Guide.

14) [Bug Fix] : Softaculous was not storing the list of files associated with the installation when the installations were imported from the local server from Softaculous Enduser Panel as well as Admin Panel. This list is used for tasks like installation's removal, cloning, etc. The list will now be saved while importing an installation as well.

15) [Bug Fix] : In CentOS Web Panel, Softaculous was not accessible from running CentOS Web Panel on a custom port (other than the default port i.e. 2030).

16) [Bug Fix] : When using Custom backup directory setting from Softaculous Admin panel the backups count was not calculated correctly. This is now fixed.

17) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, during installation when using an existing database to install a script if the tables already exist in the database, an error occur stating that the tables already exist. However this error triggered clean utility which was deleting the existing tables from the database. This is now fixed and such tables will not be deleted.

18) [Bug Fix] : Due to some changes in CloudLinux some of the functionalities in Softaculous such as auto upgrade of installations were failing. This is fixed now.

19) [Bug Fix] : On servers using CloudLinux, when installing scripts that require "pdo_mysql" extension to be enabled Softaculous was reporting "pdo_mysql" extension as disabled even when "nd_pdo_mysql" extension was enabled. This is fixed now.

20) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, the permissions for the directories that require to be set recursively were not set recursively when the installations were made via SFTP or FTPS. This is now fixed.

21) [Bug Fix] : When creating backups on Remote Backup Location was causing an error when having special characters such as '@', ':' in the FTP username or password. This is now fixed.

22) [Bug Fix] : In ISPManager, the database name and username prefix was not generated correctly by Softaculous when the control panel username had characters '.' and '-' causing error while connecting to the database. This is now fixed.

23) [Bug Fix] : On the Edit Installation page, Users were shown an option to install the WordPress plugins which are disabled from Softaculous Admin Panel -> Software -> Advanced settings page. This is fixed now.

24) [Bug Fix] : Auto backups were not performed for PERL scripts. This is now fixed.

25) [Bug Fix] : When accessing Directadmin control panel over https the script Reviews and Ratings page not loading due to the browser not allowing loading mixed content since the ratings and reviews of the script were fetched via AJAX over http URL. This is fixed now.

26) [Bug Fix] : The Installation Statistics were not displayed correctly on Softaculous dashboard in Simple theme. This is fixed now.

27) [Bug Fix] : In cPanel, Softaculous ACL (Plans) while adding/editing a plan, under Packages List, an extra package named "extensions" was displayed which is not a control panel package. This is fixed now.

The Softaculous Team

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