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 PHP issues (1 Replies, Read 301 times)
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When PHP 7.2 has been released I decide to install it so I moved from PHP 7.1 to PHP 7.2 but an app was not yet supporting PHP 7.2 so I moved again to PHP 7.1

Now this app support PHP 7.2 so I moved to PHP 7.2 by leaving installed the PHP 7.1 for some days. All work fine so I decided to remove unused PHP 7.1 as soon I do this (removed from Webuzo PHP 7.1 not used) all PHP applications stop to work.

Seems PHP 7.2 is bugged or there are some issue, if is the only PHP nothing is working... So again I need to remove PHP 7.2 and migrate again to PHP 7.1

Today I installed and setup PHP 7.1
I leaved Webuzo and my website for different hours.

Website load and works. Tonight I discovered all PHP mail function was not working.

This is not the first time I found this issue on Webuzo. This issue is resolved if you restart the PHP.

There are something in Webuzo who are not working well with PHP. Sometimes issue are create on update PHP from System App, this time issue started because I installed again PHP 7.1 after removed and mail functions was not working I was unaware of that so I missed all email notification from all website, all PHP application.

This continue to repeated in time because issue never been resolved.
I reported this many time, I hope you will definitively look into this.

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PHP issues
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Hi peopleinside,

Thank you for reporting this issue I will inform the Dev team about this.
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