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Poll Question : Solutions of Virtualizor issues
Should be posted here at the forums and be visible to everyone (2) (100%)
Should be solved via support tickets (0) (0%)

Total Votes : 2

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 Make solutions of issues public. (1 Replies, Read 1912 times)
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It's really a thing I would never understand. In this forum every answer from you to a customer issue is: "Please open a support ticket". Wouldn't be better for US and for you to solve the issues HERE on the forums that all others who have similar or same issue don't have to open a ticket with you and waiting for your answer??? I'm sure, that there are 90% of recurring questions and issues, but nobody knows, what the solution is.

Rethink about that...
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Make solutions of issues public.
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Some private text here? Uhh, cool!

I believe that the reason is very simple: Don't support people who cracked their software. Actually a lot of people did it in the past.



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