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 Softaculous 5.0.5 Launched in Stable branch (0 Replies, Read 26129 times)
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The Softaculous Team has launched Softaculous 5.0.5 in Stable branch.

1) [Feature] : Added Staging option. This feature can be used to create a staging environment of your production website and test any changes you need. You can then Push these changes (files, database structure, database data) to your production website using the Push To Live option. This feature can be disabled from Softaculous Admin Panel -> Settings page. Following are the guides :
- Staging
- Push To Live

2) [Task] : If the WordPress plugins and themes auto upgrade is enabled by the user. They will now be upgraded via Softaculous cron i.e. once every 24 hours, previously they were upgraded only when the WordPress core was upgraded.

3) [Task] : The password encryption for storing passwords like "Database Password", "API Pass", "FTP Password" and "SMTP Password" in Softaculous records will now use OpenSSL instead of mcrypt for hashing the password. All the existing passwords will be re-encrypted with the new hashing format when Softaculous will be upgraded to 5.0.5.

4) [Task] : Updated the Remove installation process to delete the "additional files" selected by the user as associated with the installation (only in the domain root folder e.g. public_html/). If the user has selected the additional files as associated with the installation only then such files will be deleted.

5) [Task] : Added the following filters pre_staging, post_staging, pre_pushtolive, post_pushtolive, pre_addcron_auto_backup, post_addcron_auto_backup. These filters are documented here.

6) [Task] : Added a setting in Softaculous Admin Panel to set the "Create Backup" checkbox pre-selected on the script upgrade page.

7) [Task] : Updated the "List Installations" and "List Backups" pages, to select all installation(s)/backup(s) for a particular script to delete the selected installation(s)/backup(s).

8) [Task] : Updated jQuery to v3.3.1

9) [Task] : Improved re-branding in Plesk. The Softaculous link in Plesk user panel will now use the re-branding settings set in Softaculous Admin Panel.

10) [Task] : In Softaculous Remote and Softaculous Enterprise, improved session handling to avoid misuse of the session key.

11) [Task] : The installation URL submitted on the "Edit Installation" form will now be validated and will be allowed only from the list of domains that exist in the user's control panel account.

12) [Bug Fix] : Improved memory management in the restore process for a script installation backup to avoid causing PHP to run out of memory with large backups.

13) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, Backup was not working when the PHP version of the domain was 7.2+. This is fixed now.

14) [Bug Fix] : On servers running Plesk, the PHP version selected by the user was not detected when Multi PHP option was enabled via CageFS. This is fixed now.

15) [Bug Fix] : Softaculous could not detect correct PHP version on servers running Directadmin and having MultiPHP provided by Directadmin and MultiPHP provided by CageFS enabled. This is fixed now.

The Softaculous Team

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