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 $25 Billion Dollars in Revenue with SitePad Web Site Builder for Hosting Providers, Expansion Plan Global Software Sitepad Web Site Builder for Hosting Providers (0 Replies, Read 3818 times)
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Good Morning, Founder CEO Pulkit Gupta and Team Softlaculous

Subject: $25 Billion Dollars in Revenue with SitePad Web Site Builder for Hosting Providers

My name is Caio Cesar, and I own a Website Creation and Hosting Agency in Brazil.

I've used Wordpress, Elementor, plus Sitepad is the single easiest Site Builder to use and has a huge potential to dominate the Market.

Instead of creating solutions for Wordpress, you have to invest more time in your Sitepad Web Site Builder Product which is created entirely by you and your team.

Your Company is charging very little for SitePad, the Average Ticket for each Hosting Provider has to start with $2,000 dollars per year for 10,000 domains and above that charge $0.20 per domain.

I have an Expansion Plan for your company to make $25 Billion Dollars a Year, plus you have to implement at least 10,000 templates over time in SitePad Web Site Builder.

The Plan is as follows: charge $2,000 Dollars Annually for the SitePad Web Site Builder License by Worldwide Hosting Providers.

This amount has to be per year so as not to interfere with your other business and also not to weigh on the Customers' pockets.

Today there are about more than 126 million hosting providers in the world, if we take just 10% of this market we will earn $25 billion dollars selling the $2.000 thousand dollars annual license.

And you can put a Marketing Rule, each Hosting Provider will pay $2,000 per year with the right to Install on 10,000 cpanel/Othersystem accounts.

So the $2,000,000 per year package is going to be the starter package, if the Hosting Provider has 10,000 more cpanel/othersystem accounts it will pay $0.20 cents per extra account, so the small ones can pay and the big ones will pay according to the size of their customers.

In this way, charging per cpanel/othersystem account, we will earn money, in theory, from each hosting domain, $0.20 cents per year from each company.

For example, if a company has only 4,000,000 hosted cpanel/othersystem accounts, it will have to contract the $2,000,000 package and that way it will have 6,000 cpanel/othersystem accounts to expand its business, so it will be advantageous for everyone.

You have to put the Team to Create Templates on Sitepad, forget about Wordpress, Wordpress is not your creation, SitePad is much better, lighter and easier to use, and your team has to dedicate itself to making Business Templates, Business, Services, Education, Health, Courses, Restaurants, Shops, Virtual Stores, Landing Pages, Professions and other segments.

So the idea is to take 13 million hosting providers and sell the Site License with lots of templates and artificial intelligence for $2,000,000 a year, which will give $25 billion dollars.

If you need investors, I have talked to several Arab Entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia who are interested in investing $500 Million to $1 Billion dollars for you to capitalize the Company in exchange for a 6% Stake in the Company.

Now let's talk about my part as the Creator of the Business:

I Initially Need $600,000 Dollars to Buy My Property
I want $6 Million of the Investment you receive in this Fundraising with Investors
I would like to have a 6% share of SitePad's Revenue

In this way, you receive the Investments and put into Practice my Expansion Plan and have full control of your Company with 88% Participation.

May our Year 2024 Be Amazing for all of Us and the entire Sitepad Team

I am waiting for your Reply and I am waiting for the deposit of $600 thousand dollars immediately to help me buy my property here in my country.

Here are my Bank Details:

This is my global USD account details at Bank Wise

Account holder: Caio Cesar Ribeiro do Nascimento
Routing number: 026073150
Account Number: 8312893484
Bank Wise Address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor
New York, NY 10010
United States

Best Regards

Caio Cesar
Amazon, Brazil
WhatsApp/Telegram: +55 92 98490-8371
IP: --   

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