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 Push Live of staging site retained staging directory (3 Replies, Read 1083 times)
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I recently created a staging site in order to upgrade my Joomla! version 3 website to Joomla! version 4.  The main site was under my public_html directory and the staging site was under public_html/joomla4.  After performing the upgrade, I used the option push the staging site live.  However, after the operation completed, the joomal4 directory was still present and references to it apparently remain throughout my site's database, causing the site to break.  I have gotten the site somewhat working by creating a symlink pointing public_html/joomla4 back to public_html.  The site seems to be working somewhat but is unstable.  I'd like to try and update all references in the database to remove the references to the joomla4 directory and then remove the symlink and see if it starts working normally after that.  But I'm not sure exactly how to go about it.  I am on a shared hosting account with Rochen and do have access to phpMyAdmin and remote sql.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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 strudel   Push Live of staging site retained staging directory (3 Replies, Read 1083 times)
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