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 Apache Random Shutdowns, Apache randomly shutting down on Webuzo (1 Replies, Read 1875 times)
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I have seen this alluded to several times in the forum but have not found a solution that works.
On a clean install of Webuzo on CentOs7, if I set up domains etc.  you cannot access the page.  After trying a bunch of things I found this forum and saw that you need to uninstall Apache and then reinstall it to work.  Very odd behavior to have to reinstall something that is installed on a fresh panel install, but that worked.
The problem is I have had my apache shut down several times, right out of  the blue, with no warning.  Will work for days, with me not touching anything and then all the sudden for every page I get a Fedora test page  "This page is used to test the proper operation of the Apache HTTP server
after it has been installed. If you can read this page, it means that
the web server installed at this site is working properly, but has not
yet been configured."  If I then do the uninstall Apache and reinstall it, it works again.....until several days go by and it randomly stops working again.
If I reboot the server, similarly it does not work, until I I uninstall Apache and reinstall it. 

On another thread it was mentioned that I should type


chkconfig httpd off, and then
chkconfig httpd on, and then it should automatically start up correctly.  I tried that, rebooted and it still did not start up correctly.
Another post suggested a simlink might be missing, but I checked and that was there.
Any ideas what is going on?  I saw that maybe the hosting provider might be installing another version of apache in addition to webuzo (which is bizarre to do anything like that which will make Apache not work right out of the box), but I have not found a definitive fix to what is going on....only to hope you catch the random reset and then uninstall and reinstall apache.  Obviously that is not sustainable.

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Apache Random Shutdowns
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Sorry for the delayed reply.

You need to check the Apache error log next time you get the same error. You can find the Apache error log in Webuzo enduser panel -> Error Log page.
The following is the guide:

Let us know.

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