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 disable all outbound emails from softaculous via SSH (1 Replies, Read 586 times)
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We need to disable ALL outgoing emails from softaculous to both admin and end users on hundreds of servers, can you provide a way to do this via SSH?
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disable all outbound emails from softaculous via SSH
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You can configure the following settings in /path/to/softaculous/enduser/universal.php on your server :
$globals['email_update'] = 0;
$globals['email_update_softs'] = 0;
$globals['off_email_link'] = 1;

This will stop the emails sent to admin and endusers. You can then configure this file across your servers.

Please no the "is_vps" setting in universal.php file, its value determines if your server is a VPS or dedicated server. So copy the settings file from your VPS across other VPS and from a Dedicated server across other Dedicated servers.

Please let us know if you need any further information.

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