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 Backup MySQL Databases (1 Replies, Read 9269 times)
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Is it possible to backup the MySQL databases that are in MyPhpAdmin by backing up specific folders rather than going in and having to export the database and then back them up?
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Backup MySQL Databases
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Yes, you can back up your MySQL database manually by backing up the data folder. (path/to\Ampps\mysql\data)
one drawback of using this technique is you need to create a backup for the complete data folder. If you do it for any specific folder inside the data folder then your restore will not work.

it is not a recommended approach because the databases consist of more than just the files within those folders(data files, index files, and other components that are essential for the proper functioning of the database). Instead, it is best to use the backup and restore tools provided by MySQL, such as the mysqldump utility or export utility by phpMyAdmin
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