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 Pagelayer 1.2.3 Launched (0 Replies, Read 8848 times)
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The Pagelayer team has released version 1.2.3.
This version has many minor improvements for the Pagelayer Editor.
The following is a list of changes :

1) [Task] The language strings which were hard-coded have been moved to the pagelayer language pack.
2) [Task] Added option to open link in new tab for the image box and icon box widget.
3) [Bug-Fix] The Textarea property has been further improved, now Textarea resizes vertically.
4) [Bug-Fix] Removed some incompatible code.
5) [Bug-Fix] The right side block background color was not correctly applied to the hover in the timeline widget. This is fixed.
6) [Bug-Fix] In the accordion and collapse widget the active tab color was not working properly. This is fixed.
7) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, the Pagelayer editor was stuck at 90% due to a js error related to fonts. This is fixed.
8) [Bug-Fix] The Modal widget has been further improved and added a max-height option for the modal container.
9) [Bug-Fix] While editing a page/post if anyone clicked on a link outside the editable area, the page was redirected and changes were not saved. This is fixed.

We will be launching many more changes in the upcoming version.
We would also like to thank the WordPress community as we have reached 240000+ active Pagelayer users.

The Pagelayer Team
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