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 Improve Webuzo Backup by adding config (1 Replies, Read 4857 times)
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maybe in the future Webuzo can add to the Webuzo backup also a config tab and include also config backups in full webzuo backup where... is saved Exim configuration, Apache, Apache extra configuration and PHP configuration?

This will be userful because when you set up Apache it's easy you can forget that in addition to the Apache config there are extra config located in other place... also will made a more complete backup. Adding this config file will not increase of a lot the size of the backup... as a database is backupped maybe also a configuration tab can be added and included also in the webuzo full backup. :)

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Improve Webuzo Backup by adding config
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Hi peopleinside,

Thank you for the suggestions, We will forward this request to the Developers.
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