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 Blank Database and files arent being parsed. (Custom Package) (1 Replies, Read 1020 times)
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I seem to be having a problem getting Softaculous to install my .sql file.
I also cannot seem to get it to parse my config file.
It copies the files fine but that is it.

Any help would be appreciated as to what might cause this.

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Blank Database and files arent being parsed. (Custom Package)
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The filename of the sql file should be the same as the folder name. Is it same ?
Or you may use the following function in the install.php to Import your SQL file:
sdb_import($parameter1) - This function is used to execute the database queries.
* 1st Parameter (required) = String $parameter1 is the Absolute path of the file which contains the database queries to be executed.

For the config file not being parsed please check if the variables used in the [[ ]] tags are being defined in the $__settings array.

If you still face any difficulties you can open a support ticket.

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