Webuzo 3.0.2 Launched in Release https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=17832 <![CDATA[Webuzo 3.0.2 Launched in Release]]> https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=17832&tpg=1#p53320
The update is available only if you have the v3 installed.
We will push this update to the v2 branch once v3 is stable.
v3 is the current release and its not recommended in production.

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<![CDATA[Webuzo 3.0.2 Launched in Release]]> https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=17832&tpg=1#p53317 Mon, 02 Aug 2021 17:18:44 GMT https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=17832&tpg=1#p53317 <![CDATA[Webuzo 3.0.2 Launched in Release]]> https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=17832&tpg=1#p53238 ]]> Sat, 17 Jul 2021 23:55:09 GMT https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=17832&tpg=1#p53238 <![CDATA[]]> https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=17832&tpg=0#p53233
The Webuzo Team has launched 3.0.2. The following is the list of changes :

1) [Bug Fix] : The database backup list was not showing correctly. This has been fixed.

2) [Bug Fix] : In the Admin Panel index, the stats were not showing. This has been fixed.

The upcoming version will bring some Improvements, features and changes.

New Article : https://www.webuzo.com/blog/webuzo-3-0-2-launched/

The Webuzo Team]]>
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