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 Add a tool or a solution for make email works with SSL (1 Replies, Read 49693 times)
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in the last year I'm reporting issue with Let's Encrypt and Webuzo email. Now i have new elements and i strongly need this issue will be fixed very soon, cannot wait month anymore.
As i start to experience again email not working on Let's encrypt renew (PHP SMTP side) i tried to install a Comodo certificate but email was still not working.
As you now have what seems a good but bugged tool for make email works with Let's Encrypt (just need a fix from your part for be good) please release also a tool for made email works also if the certificate is not generated with Let's Encrypt but is installed as certificate (paid certificate)
Yesterday i was completely unable to switch emails from let's encrypt to Comodo certificate so i need reinstall the bugged let's encrypt solution.
In less than 90 days i will have email issue again so in this time (I hope just in this week) this time you will contact me and release a fix.
Please plan to add a tool for setup email from a user installed certificate.

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Add a tool or a solution for make email works with SSL
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I tried mine it works very well for me, without cloudflare CDN, but with cloudflare CDn, it will stop working...
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