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 Website doesn't display correctly on mobile phone. (4 Replies, Read 2711 times)
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Hi Guys, i'm so sad and disappointed because one of my customers have acquired the Sitepad plugin to create his website and he made it, he have his website ready and published (Image 1 viewing the website from a PC) but yesterday he wrote me an email telling me that his website looks horrible when trying to access from a mobile phone ( image 2 viewing the website from a mobile phone) . It is supposed that Sitepad websites are responsive but in this case it looks like it doesn't. So my question is that if there is any way to resize all the content automatically to fit a mobile phone screen and show the website in a proper way.

I've tried hiding the main menu on the header page on Mobile phone and tablet and adding the menu widget to only show the menu on Mobile and tablet but even If i adjust the width, lower the font size, etc, there's a link or submenu that doesn't appear on the screen ( Image 3)  so i actually don't know what can i do to have the website running good and displaying everything without any problem on a mobile phone

Please help me guys.

The white rectangles is to protect information about my customer.

Thank you. Have a great day
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