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The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.5.3. This version introduces some minor fixes.
The following is a list of all changes :

1) [Feature] A new setting - Update System has been added in the Admin panel to enable system update using yum or apt-get.

2) [Task] Webuzo Cron by default, will not perform a system update unless Update System option is enabled in the Admin panel.

3) [Fix] Machines running CentOS 7 or higher faced issues with Firewalld service after updating to 2.5.2. We have  disabled the service on such machines to resolve the issue.

The Webuzo Team]]>
Mon, 09 Jan 2017 11:08:14 GMT https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=9980&tpg=0#p33978