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 SitePad 1.2.2 Launched in Stable branch (0 Replies, Read 13128 times)
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We have launched SitePad 1.2.2 in the Stable branch.

1) [Feature] We are now launching the new editor of SitePad as a preview which will allow you to create sites within your hosting account. The old editor is available as well. We plan to release the new editor in General Availability very soon and make it the default for all new sites. The new editor will allow us to offer E-Commerce solutions to our users over the coming months. We have already converted our themes into the new format. In order to enable the new editor, the Admin will need to do it from the SitePad Editor. Following are some screenshots of the new version.

In order to enable the new editor please go to SitePad admin panel -> Settings page and select the “Enable New Editor (Beta)” checkbox and click on “Edit Settings” button.

Board Image

Screenshot 1.1 - List of all sites on SitePad panel

Board Image

Screenshot 1.2 - Add new site Form

Board Image

Screenshot 1.3 - Setup new site

Board Image

Screenshot 1.4 - Choose a theme for the new site

Board Image
Screenshot 1.5 - Enter site details and social media links for the new site

Board Image

Screenshot 1.6 - First Look of the new editor

Board Image

Screenshot 1.7 - Site admin Dashboard

Board Image

Screenshot 1.8 - List of all Pages

2) [Bug Fix] In CentOS Web Panel due to a change in the panel's API, FTP account creation used to fail. This is fixed.

The SitePad Team

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