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 Webuzo 2.7.0 Launched (8 Replies, Read 60879 times)
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The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.7.0.
This version introduces a major new Feature and some improvements.


1) Remote Backup and Restore support added in Webuzo.

2) Added Quick Install option for scripts which will ask minimal install options and use the default values for the remaining options. This is added for a quick installation experience. Admin can set Quick Install option as the default install option from Softaculous Admin Panel -> Settings page.

3) Added option to backup installations to GoogleDrive. Google Drive backup location can be added from the add backup location page. Click here for guide.

4) Endusers can now select what to backup while upgrading an installation from Softaculous Enduser Panel i.e. Full Backup, Backup Files, Backup Database, etc.


5) Added support for Tomcat 8 configuration.

6) Space usage for all email accounts will be cached to reduce page load time.

7) Now you will be able to configure CRON Jobs on even-odd days.

8) Added a notice on the script install form for the scripts that are not updated for more than 2 years. This is to make sure that the user is aware before
installing the script that the script has not been updated for long time. Admins can disable the outdated scripts from Webuzo AdminPanel -> Software page.

9) Allowed to use . (dot) in the data directory name for scripts that need a non web accessible data directory. This will let users make the data directory a hidden directory.

10) When redirecting a user to the SitePad editor server it will check the language selected in Webuzo and by default that language will be selected in SitePad.

Bug Fixes:

11) Minor navigation fix for universal search bar.

12) Fixed an issue where Squirrel Mail login used to fail with the following error : "0: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known"

13) If PHP 7.2 was the only installed PHP then Apache Web Server was unable to run under suPHP and FastCGI. This is fixed now

14) Remote Import was not working for scripts that had data directory e.g. Moodle. This is fixed now.

15) The Related Scripts section on the script overview page did not load properly in Chrome and Opera. This is fixed now.

App Updates:

16) Added support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in MariaDB 10.0 and 10.1

17) We have added Python 3 with PiP and SSL support.

18) Updated Django to the latest version. Refer this Guide to create a starter project.

19) Updated ImageMagick to the latest version and added support for PNG delegate.

The upcoming version will bring more exciting UI Changes, features and changes.

The Webuzo Team

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