Topic : Loginizer 1.8.4 Launched

Posted By: vardana on April 3, 2024, 3:22 pm
We have launched Loginizer 1.8.4 this version comes with a few new features and some improvements.

The change log is as follows:-

* [Feature] Block Page, now instead of showing an error on the Login page of the user being blacklisted, you can just show a page with an error, reducing the resource being used to show the error.

* [Feature] Email notification on successful login and you can enforce this on your users too.

* [Pro Feature] Added Cloudflare Turnstile and hCaptcha as options for adding captcha to your website forms.

* [Task] Tested with WordPress 6.5.

We are constantly working to improve the Plugin to help Protect your website, if you have any suggestions or feedback write to us at

Loginizer Team

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