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 Hello from Newmarket Canada, Another Newbie here (4 Replies, Read 9837 times)
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Hello folks, I am Jenn B and I am in need of learning this web stuff fast. I have build a site on sitepad and now need to integrate cube cart with paypal. My hosting site is GreenGeeks, which has been great till now where they say I need to find someone from softaculous support to help me. I will be straight up, so not a developer. I know enough to be dangerous. lol 

So I am on a learning curve and if anyone has tips or would like to coach a newbie like me, I would so appreciate it. I am not in this for making money I made this site for a friend and she sells webinars really inexpensive. For her it's about sharing knowledge of being a nutrition professional for 20+ years. 

Anyway, please say hello and let me know if you are a developer we are looking for one too. Thanks and great to be here.
PS- love the icon of a lift preserver...lol I so need saved on this friends project. Someone please take pity on me.
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 jenn@edisoninst.com   Hello from Newmarket Canada, Another Newbie here (4 Replies, Read 9837 times)
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