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 Whmcs quick connect addon/module/hook, Virtualizor direct acces from WHMCS (0 Replies, Read 4172 times)
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Hello guys, i am using Virtualizor in more than 2 years now, and i am very satisfied with the results.

I have only one suggestion during this time:

Can you create on hook/addon/module  to acces directly from the WHMCS admin area the Virtualizor interface ?  WHMCS v6.x already has this feature for cPanel, i am sure i know already what i am talking about.  I think it would be a great help for all the companyes that use both WHMCS and virtualizor, to reduce the time spent on different pages all the time.

i know there is the already implemented option "Browse"  inside WHMcs, but the new feature provided for cpanel looks better :)

Thank you very much !

Keep up the great work you are doing so far !!
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