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 Auto-install Wordpress, Configuring database and other things (14 Replies, Read 17292 times)
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I have my own system which currently installs Wordpress, presetting the database, prefix, password and default admin user.  But it still needs three  clicks to install, skip over the database setup page and when it wants to set up the configuration file. 

I see you have an API which should enable me to add Softaculous to my system and save a headache or two.

At the moment I can setup the database with the appropriate permissions and a database user first, that's easy.

But using cURL and fopen to pull the data from your servers, can I:

1) preset the table prefix
2) preset the admin user and password
3) add plugins either from my own repository, from Wordpress's or yours
4) access the database to change settings etc

all in one step?  I don't mean that all this is carried out before downloading but that I can intervene in the stages.

So I avoid the human user seeing anything other than the login panel and getting a site with selected.

The alternative is to modify the install coding again to skip round the stages but I would have to do that each time Wordpres issues an update.....:-(

This is really a sales question I suppose... :xd:
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