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 Set this installation as live, diff between Set this installation as live and Push to live (1 Replies, Read 5748 times)
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Wordpress sites

1. what is "Set this installation as live" and differences to "Push to live"?
2. in creating my first staging site i changed the staging site's database prefix letters, i read NOT using the default wp helps security (like NOT using admin as a user name). changing the staging database name will not affect the push to live?
3. clicking the softaculous staging button does softaculous 100% chose a "non-existing" database name? obviously i don't want to write over existing database, so do i need to check every time to make sure softaculous did NOT prefill the field with an existing database name? see attachment.
4. looking at the softaculous display of my wordpress sites, softaculous shows all my sites as http. i use a wordpress plugin to make my sites https (i don't know how this all works) but can softaculous when creating a staging site fix this mess and change my wordpress sites to real https without having to use plugs to change my site from http to https?
thanks Taculous!
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Set this installation as live
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Below are the answers to your questions :

1. Set this installation as live will detach your staging and live site connection and then that staged site will be an independent site and you will not be able to push the staging site to live. Push to Live will copy the files and database from your staging site to the live site.

2. You can change that to anything you want.

3. Softaculous will create a new database with the database name that you choose on the Staging form and live and staging site will use separate databases. When you Push your Staging site to Live it will update your live site's database will the contents of your staging site's database and will copy the files of your staging site to your live site.

4. For https on your live site, you can go to "Edit Installation" page in Softaculous and change the URL to https and then login to WordPress admin panel and go to Settings -> General page and change the URL with https.
For your staging site, you can also choose the protocol as https:// on the Staging form and it will set the URL as https:// for your Staged site.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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