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 Downgrade Exim outside of Webuzo (8 Replies, Read 4794 times)
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In two VPS of mine, Webuzo upgraded Exim to 4.94 and I started to experience issues with error messages like "Tainted filename for search: '/etc/vmail/.../aliases" or "451 Temporary local problem".

Searching, I finally found a page talking about these issues since Exim 4.94 on CentOS (and maybe with some control panels only, but I'm not sure).

Apparently, awaiting a fix, the only solution seems to downgrade Exim to 4.93 for now. So, of course, I know that Webuzo (aka. Softaculous) doesn't handle any downgrade (maybe some day in the future;), but maybe you could answer to these two questions :

1) Can I downgrade outside of Webuzo without loosing my configuration nor breaking something against Webuzo? Or is it preferable to do it in two times : first, uninstall from Webuzo, then install of the previous version outside of Webuzo?

2) When I will be with Exim 4.93, I wouldn't like to be back to 4.94 because of the Webuzo's auto-update. Thus, is it possible to keep global auto-update, but block it for one application only (I mean until I know Exim fixed the issue)?

Let me know.

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 erile   Downgrade Exim outside of Webuzo (8 Replies, Read 4794 times)
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